(Virtuosa) : a title known from Reneissance era, given in exeptionally rare occasions for the inspiring and talented woman.

VIRTUOZA the fashion brand is founded by designer and artist Liisi Tui, dedicated to woman around us who appreciates the real and true nature of femininity.

Liisi Tui moedisainer
Liisi Tui, fashion designer of VIRTUOZA

Being inspired by stylish and  memorable women – politicians, intellectuals, actresses, artists, socialites etc, their strengths, and fragility , beauty and intelligence. Looking at the woman thru history and arts!

Virtuoza represents the complexness of the womanly desires. We are here to design effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure!

Creating collections and also individual pieces, Virtuoza seeks to provide those special items that you have really been missing!

Virtuoza’s exquisite colours, unique patterns and elegant shapes are here to be an individual addition to your own style!