AUTUMN/WINTER collection


Inspired by the film noire, silver-screen beauties and the “old world” women. Women who lived in a male dominated world but still managed to build their own world, never being to loud or vulgar but rather poetic and  strong-minded.  The film noir genre is famous for its mysterious female leads. Femme fatales in noir films are a bit shadowy, cunning but always chic and passionate.

Liisi Tui the designer for VIRTUOZA found most inspiring the modernist Michelangelo Antonion films, L ‘avventura and La notte. Not only for their aesthetics and a gripping narrative but for its very modern feeling of  ennui and spiritual isolation. The film’s subtle straddling of an older world and a new one still in the process of defining itself is something that is very easy to relate, considering the world we live in today.

In the meaning of fashion and style designer Liisi Tui is looking towards the  modern classical style with some romantic flavor. The leading lady is gentle yet passionate, romantic yet strong-minded, a loving and playful godess.