Collection was presented in Tallinn Fashion Week

Inspired by the hot and lazy summer feeling, soft summer wind, golden sands and late nights at the Riviera. The summer mirage collection has soft pinks and nude tones, also emerald green and sweet minty green. Liisi Tui has created original prints,  inspired by the late summer landscapes with mellow yellow and felted beige.

All textiles are responsibly-sourced and there for sustainable, Virtuoza also uses textiles from international luxury fashion brands, buying the leftover textiles from luxury brands. It actually looks better then it sounds, in fashion industry brands are ordering new textiles every season, not using all of them! So there are a lot of high quality textiles that are never used! We are buying  the magnificent materials like pure silk, lace, velvet –  and we are using the textiles that are already in the world, so this is your little contribution to lessen the horrifying consumption in fashion industry! There for our collection items quantities are small, each item is hand made in our Atelier and there are no more than ten pieces of each.